Quick Start with Elisa  

Using Development System Demo's


Language Description

1. Lexical Elements
2. Basic Data Types and Expressions
3. Definitions
4. Streams
5. Backtracking
6. Statements and Special Expressions
7. Arrays

8. Lists
9. Descriptors
10. Components
11. Collections
12. Generic Components
13. Terms
14. Categories
15. Types 

16. Built-in Definitions
17. Higher-order Definitions

18. External Interfaces


Data Structures

1. Sequences
2. Examples involving Lists
3. Trees
4. Graphs
5. Searching State Spaces
6. Language Processing
7. Knowledge Representations          



1. Multi-value Functions

2. Lists and Streams

3. Descriptors

4. Trees



Overview of Demo Programs

A number of demo programs is provided with Elisa's Development System. A *.prg file is a Program Definition file which contains the name of the program and one or more names of Elisa components. A *.els file contains an Elisa component.

Demo001:     integer expressions                    	uses:  demo001.prg,   demo001.els
Demo002:     real expressions                         	uses:  demo002.prg,   demo002.els
Demo003:     boolean expressions                  	uses:  demo003.prg,   demo003.els
Demo004:     character expressions                	uses:  demo004.prg,   demo004.els
Demo005:     definitions                                   	uses:  demo005.prg,   demo005.els
Demo006:     streams                                        	uses:  demo006.prg,   demo006.els
Demo007:     statements and expressions       	uses:  demo007.prg,   demo007.els
Demo008:     arrays                                           	uses:  demo008.prg,   demo008.els
Demo009:     text                                              	uses:  demo009.prg,   demo009.els
Demo010:     lists                                              	uses:  demo010.prg,   demo010.els
Demo011:     descriptors                                  	uses:  demo011.prg,   demo011.els
Demo012:     components                                 	uses:  demo012.prg,   demo012.els, Math.els
Demo013:     use directives                              	uses:  demo013.prg,   demo013.els, Math.els,
                                                                                                                                              Points.els, Triangles.els, Circles.els, Figures.els
Demo014:     mutable objects                           	uses:  demo014.prg,   demo014.els, Math.els
Demo015:     electrical circuits                        	uses:  demo015.prg,   demo015.els, ComplexNumbers.els, Impedances.els
Demo016:     collections                                   	uses:  demo016.prg,   demo016.els
Demo017:     generic components                    	uses:  demo017.prg,   demo017.els, Math.els, Stacks.els, Matrices.els,
                                                                                                                                                   Points.els, Triangles.els, Circles.els
Demo018:     terms                                             	uses:  demo018.prg,   demo018.els, ReadTerm.els,  Cond.tst
Demo019:     symbolic differentiation              	uses:  demo019.prg,   demo019.els, Formulas.els, Differentiation.els
Demo020:     symbolic simplification             	uses:  demo020.prg,   demo020.els, Formulas.els, Differentiation.els, Simplification.els
Demo021:     symbols                                       	uses:  demo021.prg,   demo021.els, Formulas.els
Demo022:     compound terms                        	uses:  demo022.prg,   demo022.els
Demo023:     categories                                   	uses:  demo023.prg,   demo023.els, TransportationClass.els
Demo024:     types                                            	uses:  demo024.prg,   demo024.els, Math.els, Points.els
Demo025:     built-in definitions                              uses:  demo025.prg,   demo025.els
Demo026:     higher-order definitions                     uses:  demo026.prg,   demo026.els
Demo027:     external interfaces                               uses:  demo027.prg,   demo027.els
Demo030:     sequences                                   	uses:  demo030.prg,   demo030.els
Demo031:     sequences component               	uses:  demo031.prg,   demo031.els, Sequences.els
Demo032:     list functions                              	uses:  demo032.prg,   demo032.els
Demo033:     sorting lists                                	uses:  demo033.prg,   demo033.els, Sequences.els
Demo034:     combinatorial functions           	uses:  demo034.prg,   demo034.els
Demo035:     sets                                             	uses:  demo035.prg,   demo035.els
Demo036:     arbitrary trees                            	uses:  demo036.prg,   demo036.els, ArbitraryTrees.els
Demo037:     binary trees                                	uses:  demo037.prg,   demo037.els, BinaryTrees.els
Demo038:     binary search trees                    	uses:  demo038.prg,   demo038.els, BinarySearchTrees.els
Demo039:     graphs                                         	uses:  demo039.prg,   demo039.els
Demo040:     weighted graphs                         	uses:  demo040.prg,   demo040.els
Demo041:     depth-first search                      	uses:  demo041.prg,   demo041.els
Demo042:     breadth-first search                  	uses:  demo042.prg,   demo042.els
Demo043:     best-first search                       	uses:  demo043.prg,   demo043.els, SearchBestFirst.els
Demo044:     lexical analysis                        	uses:  demo044.prg,   demo044.els, TextInput.els, LexicalAnalysis.els
Demo045:     syntax analysis                            	uses:  demo045.prg,   demo045.els, TextInput.els, LexicalAnalysis.els
Demo046:     semantic analysis                      	uses:  demo046.prg,   demo046.els, TextInput.els, LexicalAnalysis.els, SearchBestFirst.els
Demo047:     forward chaining rules                	uses:  demo047.prg,   demo047.els, ReadTerm.els, Animals.tst
Demo048:     backward chaining rules             	uses:  demo048.prg,   demo048.els, ReadTerm.els, Animals.tst
Demo050:     semantic networks                      	uses:  demo050.prg,   demo050.els
Demo051:     frames: method 2                        	uses:  demo051.prg,   demo051.els
Demo052:     frames: method 3                       	uses:  demo052.prg,   demo052.els
Demo061:     family example                           	uses:  demo061.prg,   demo061.els
Demo062:     bankaccounts example                 	uses:  demo062.prg,   demo062.els
Demo063:     orderprocessing example         	uses:  demo063.prg,   demo063.els
Demo064:     airport support example            	uses:  demo064.prg,   demo064.els

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