Overview of Demo Programs

A number of demo programs is provided with Elisa's Development System. A *.prg file is a Program Definition file which contains the name of the program and one or more names of Elisa components. A *.els file contains an Elisa component.

Demo001:     integer expressions                    	uses:  demo001.prg,   demo001.els
Demo002:     real expressions                         	uses:  demo002.prg,   demo002.els
Demo003:     boolean expressions                  	uses:  demo003.prg,   demo003.els
Demo004:     character expressions                	uses:  demo004.prg,   demo004.els
Demo005:     definitions                                   	uses:  demo005.prg,   demo005.els
Demo006:     streams                                        	uses:  demo006.prg,   demo006.els
Demo007:     statements and expressions       	uses:  demo007.prg,   demo007.els
Demo008:     arrays                                           	uses:  demo008.prg,   demo008.els
Demo009:     text                                              	uses:  demo009.prg,   demo009.els
Demo010:     lists                                              	uses:  demo010.prg,   demo010.els
Demo011:     descriptors                                  	uses:  demo011.prg,   demo011.els
Demo012:     components                                 	uses:  demo012.prg,   demo012.els, Math.els
Demo013:     use directives                              	uses:  demo013.prg,   demo013.els, Math.els,
                                                                                                                                              Points.els, Triangles.els, Circles.els, Figures.els
Demo014:     mutable objects                           	uses:  demo014.prg,   demo014.els, Math.els
Demo015:     electrical circuits                        	uses:  demo015.prg,   demo015.els, ComplexNumbers.els, Impedances.els
Demo016:     collections                                   	uses:  demo016.prg,   demo016.els
Demo017:     generic components                    	uses:  demo017.prg,   demo017.els, Math.els, Stacks.els, Matrices.els,
                                                                                                                                                   Points.els, Triangles.els, Circles.els
Demo018:     terms                                             	uses:  demo018.prg,   demo018.els, ReadTerm.els,  Cond.tst
Demo019:     symbolic differentation              	uses:  demo019.prg,   demo019.els, Formulas.els, Differentiation.els
Demo020:     symbolic simplification             	uses:  demo020.prg,   demo020.els, Formulas.els, Differentiation.els, Simplification.els
Demo021:     symbols                                       	uses:  demo021.prg,   demo021.els, Formulas.els
Demo022:     compound terms                        	uses:  demo022.prg,   demo022.els
Demo023:     categories                                   	uses:  demo023.prg,   demo023.els, TransportationClass.els
Demo024:     types                                            	uses:  demo024.prg,   demo024.els, Math.els, Points.els
Demo025:     built-in definitions                              uses:  demo025.prg,   demo025.els
Demo026:     higher-order definitions                     uses:  demo026.prg,   demo026.els
Demo027:     external interfaces                               uses:  demo027.prg,   demo027.els
Demo030:     sequences                                   	uses:  demo030.prg,   demo030.els
Demo031:     sequences component               	uses:  demo031.prg,   demo031.els, Sequences.els
Demo032:     list functions                              	uses:  demo032.prg,   demo032.els
Demo033:     sorting lists                                	uses:  demo033.prg,   demo033.els, Sequences.els
Demo034:     combinatorial functions           	uses:  demo034.prg,   demo034.els
Demo035:     sets                                             	uses:  demo035.prg,   demo035.els
Demo036:     arbitrary trees                            	uses:  demo036.prg,   demo036.els, ArbitraryTrees.els
Demo037:     binary trees                                	uses:  demo037.prg,   demo037.els, BinaryTrees.els
Demo038:     binary search trees                    	uses:  demo038.prg,   demo038.els, BinarySearchTrees.els
Demo039:     graphs                                         	uses:  demo039.prg,   demo039.els
Demo040:     weighted graphs                         	uses:  demo040.prg,   demo040.els
Demo041:     depth-first search                      	uses:  demo041.prg,   demo041.els
Demo042:     breadth-first search                  	uses:  demo042.prg,   demo042.els
Demo043:     best-first search                       	uses:  demo043.prg,   demo043.els, SearchBestFirst.els
Demo044:     lexical analysis                        	uses:  demo044.prg,   demo044.els, TextInput.els, LexicalAnalysis.els
Demo045:     syntax analysis                            	uses:  demo045.prg,   demo045.els, TextInput.els, LexicalAnalysis.els
Demo046:     semantic analysis                      	uses:  demo046.prg,   demo046.els, TextInput.els, LexicalAnalysis.els, SearchBestFirst.els
Demo047:     forward chaining rules                	uses:  demo047.prg,   demo047.els, ReadTerm.els, Animals.tst
Demo048:     backward chaining rules             	uses:  demo048.prg,   demo048.els, ReadTerm.els, Animals.tst
Demo050:     semantic networks                      	uses:  demo050.prg,   demo050.els
Demo051:     frames: method 2                        	uses:  demo051.prg,   demo051.els
Demo052:     frames: method 3                       	uses:  demo052.prg,   demo052.els
Demo061:     family example                           	uses:  demo061.prg,   demo061.els
Demo062:     bankaccounts example                 	uses:  demo062.prg,   demo062.els
Demo063:     orderprocessing example         	uses:  demo063.prg,   demo063.els
Demo064:     airport support example            	uses:  demo064.prg,   demo064.els

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