Getting Started with Elisa 

1. What is Elisa?

Elisa is a programming language that is simple yet powerful, allowing programmers to build a breadth of applications. Combined with Elisa's Development System the development system enables the creation of Windows applications.

2. What is Elisa's Development System?

Elisa's Development System (EDS) is the integrated development environment in which developers work when creating programs in the Elisa language. The EDS system provides  a development and execution environment that allows different components and libraries to work together seamlessly to create Elisa applications. It provides facilities for editing, compiling, linking, testing, execution and debugging of Elisa programs.

3. The Demo's of Elisa's Development System

Included in the download of Elisa's Development System are a fair number of demonstration programs, demonstrating the power of Elisa in several areas. These demo's are excellent tools to study the Elisa language.

Overview of Demo Programs 

4. Get the Elisa's Development System

If you have a Windows computer (Windows 95 and later) you can experiment with programming in Elisa by downloading Elisa's Development System. The system requires only 3,5 MB of disk space. 

Start  Download

5. Use the Demo's 

After you have downloaded the system you can activate it by double-clicking on the Elisa icon which has been installed on your desktop. The main window of Elisa's Development System will appear. The demo's are available via the Program menu in the Elisa -> programs -> demos folder. Use the Help menu for detailed information.

It is wise to study and play with the demonstration programs, in order to get a feeling of the power of Elisa. 

6. How to use Elisa's Development System

There are several ways to study Elisa:

Learn to use Elisa's Development System 
Modify the demo programs and see the results
Make your own programs.

More detailed instructions how to use Elisa's Development System are given by its Help function and by instructions for:

Using Elisa's Development System

7. Error Reporting

If there is anything which does not work according to your expectations, please let me know. Send your comments to Jan Klunder.

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